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By Platinum Team September 27, 2015

Phoenix Public Market Cafe

Take the comfortable, down-to-earth vibe of an inviting home and a dash of hip local scene and you have Phoenix Public Market Cafe. This gem lies in the heart of Phoenix on Central Avenue.

It’s an appealing spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, drinks… you name it. The cafe’s homestyle cooking features quality ingredients sourced from the local community. With hearty favorites like rotisserie chicken to intriguing dishes like the roasted cauliflower plate, Phoenix Public Market Cafe manages to cater to a variety of needs in a way that appears natural and almost effortless. The menu is clearly marked to suit all dietary preferences with dishes to delight all parties among us — be they meat-lovers, vegans or gluten-free folks.

Once you visit, the tasty food and charming personality of this cafe will have you back again and again. Or, perhaps it’s that ridiculously-alluring bakery case that’s responsible. Once glance at those treats, and it’s hard to stay away.


On a recent visit, we thoroughly enjoyed their comfortable patio, tucked behind the restaurant with a captivating view of downtown. The magical quality of the engaging environment left us quickly forgetting it was the middle of the intense summer in Phoenix. And, we found ourselves impressed by the cafe’s ability to do the simple things quite well. An unassuming side of black beans brought immediate delight to our tastebuds. (We’re still not sure what it was about that preparation that was so darn good. Just do yourself a favor and get some when you go.)

If you’re familiar with St. Francis restaurant on Camelback, it might be worth noting — the cafe is created by the same team. And, Phoenix Public Market’s lot is also the site of an Open Air Farmer’s Market (Saturday mornings and Thursday nights) and Food Truck Friday. Whether you live near downtown or are looking for an outing beyond your neighborhood, we recommend giving Phoenix Public Market Cafe a visit.