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By Platinum Team November 14, 2016

Reclaiming Home: An Imperfect Abode

Home is… That painful moment when friends stop by unexpectedly and the house is… far from perfect. Scratch that. It’s a disaster. You can’t focus on a single word they’re saying because you’re busy judging yourself for the wreck of a home you are living in. Funny thing is — it quickly becomes clear that your friends could care less. They’re just happy to see you. And, they even go so far as to compliment you on the new rug. Maybe you’re not the only one that could take a few notes from your friends. Maybe we all can. Instead, of dishing out yet another plate of shame to devour our own spirits, let’s choose a different route. This month, when we open up our imperfect homes to others, let’s take a moment to applaud the bravery we show in those moments. After all, what we, as a greater community, need isn’t another example of the illusion of perfection. We need more courageous spirits that aren’t ashamed of sharing reality. If you’re open to it, we’d love to hear your stories. Let us know — what imperfect moments have you encountered, and how have you chosen to respond? Warmly, The Platinum Team]]>