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By Platinum Team May 15, 2016

Reclaiming Home: An Invitation


In an ideal world, life at home would look a bit like this –

Every dish would come out of the dishwasher in pristine condition, glimmering in the morning light. The kids would make their beds like pros, and as far as every nook and cranny goes — dust would never settle there. Each room would be draped in peace and poised for memory making.


The reality is – home typically looks a bit different. The counter is cluttered by a stack of bills, the kids shoes are strewn across the living room. And, as far as the dishwasher goes — it typically spits out dishes caked either in a cloudy film or particles of who-knows-what sort of leftovers. Given all that, the peace and memory-making feel far from accessible.

But, they don’t have to.

To us, home is the reality of daily living – accepting and learning to be at peace with the state of things. We’re given a choice – see only mundane or find beauty in the ordinary moments. Knowing these things, we’ll be discussing what it looks like to reclaim home as a place of warmth and comfort, even amidst the reality of daily living. And, in the meantime, if you figure out how to convince the dishwasher to produce legitimately clean dishes, please let us know.


The Platinum Team