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By Platinum Team June 13, 2016

Reclaiming Home: Chores Galore

Home is… That messy kitchen. If your eyes glaze over at the thought of cleaning, you’re in good company.  If you generally try to race through those incredibly draining and oh-so-undesirable tasks as quickly as possible, you’re not alone. Buy, you know… the dishes don’t clean themselves… not even with assistance from the dishwasher, apparently. (Yes, we do have a bit of a grudge against that dishwasher.  See our last post.)  And the laundry and dusting? They typically need our hands on deck too. So, given that the cleaning isn’t going away anytime soon, lets try out a different approach. What if we could actually create some sort of way to derive a smidge of pleasure from those tasks?  Yeah, we know.  Sounds a bit like blasphemy.  But, bear with us for a moment or two. What do we love? Some good tunes.  Norah Jones. Joni Mitchell. The Black Jets.  The Rolling Stones (Are you judging our music tastes, right now? It’s okay. We’d do the same.) Anyhow, the tunes are up to you.  Pick your own favorites.  Then, next time you embark on that beautiful journey of cleaning the toilet, bring a little music with you.  And, while you’re at it – don’t race.  Take your time.  Sing along.  Dance a jig. (Preferably put the toilet brush down for a moment, though.  We take no responsibility for any wayward toilet bowl cleaner that gets flung outside the bowl.) For goodness sake, whatever cleaning task you need to tackle next – choose to love that task.  You’re going to do it anyway.  You might as well join us in finding a way to experience a little joy on the journey. Then, let us know — how did it go?  The tunes and dancing are just a start.  We’d love to hear your creative approaches to making your glamorous chores a bit more enlivening.  Warmly, The Platinum Team PS — If someone captures some photos of this action, we want to see them.  Email them our way —[email protected]  ]]>