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By Platinum Team December 11, 2016

Reclaiming Home: Mismatch

Home is… Working with what you’ve got. Perhaps the pillows and the rug don’t match. Actually, if you’re honest, they completely clash. It’s no surprise given that the rug was a hand-me-down frzom your great-aunt Marge and the pillows were on sale when you snatched them on a whim that one time you went shopping five years ago. It probably wouldn’t bother you so much if you didn’t have such a guilty pleasure for Pinterest. Oh, and that show on HGTV doesn’t help. But, maybe home is less about the lack or what isn’t quite up to par. Maybe it’s more about the way you work with what you’ve got. So, this week, our challenge is to look at our homes a bit differently. If we find ourselves fed up with the mismatch, let’s instead ask the question – what am I grateful for about my home? True, it won’t make our homes magically transform into our Pinterest dreams. But, it will shift our perspective to a place of fulfillment instead of being consumed by the lack. And, we may even find – it wasn’t the pillows that needed to go after all. No, it was our perspective that was holding us back. Warmly, The Platinum Team]]>