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By Platinum Team June 27, 2012

Some Important Information About Phoenix Home Warranties

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you might want to consider looking more into Phoenix home warranties. You may not know much about home warranties. If you are a home seller, you might not understand the benefits that you could experience if you had a home warranty. As a home buyer, it might not be clear to you why you should look for a home with a home warranty. As you learn more about Phoenix home warranties, it might become more apparent why they are so important. Something to know about Phoenix home warranties is that they cover most major appliances in the home. Some of the appliances that are typically covered are microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. The home warranty might also include heating systems, water heating systems, plumbing, and electrical work. Telephones and ceiling fans are also covered in many home warranties if they are built in to the home. There are some appliances that may not be covered in a typical home warranty, but something that you could talk to your realtor about to see if you can have them included. Sometimes you will need to pay a little more for the warranty and sometimes they might just throw some extra items in the warranty. These extra items might include air conditioning systems, washing and drying machines, swimming pools, and other added features that are similar to those. If you are confident as a home seller that all of your appliances and systems are in good shape, it could be a good move to purchase a home warranty. If you are a home buyer and someone has a warranty on all of the above mentioned items, it could be a good sign that they are confident in the function of their systems. If you are selling a home, something that you might want to know is that Phoenix home warranties can be added to the closing costs of the home. You will not always have to pay an out of pocket cost if you want to purchase a home warranty. If you choose not to buy a home warranty and you have a buyer with a really good offer that wants a warranty, you might want to just go ahead and do it so that you are not stuck trying to sell your home for more and more years. If you are the home buyer, you may want to be sure that the house you purchase has a home warranty. It would be no good to move into a new home just to have to spend more money fixing appliances that go bad after just a few months. If you really like a certain home, but there is no warranty, you may want to ask the home seller if they would purchase one. Chances are that they will do it if they are really ready to sell their home and if they like your offer. When they do, that is a good sign to you that the appliances are in good shape, but just in case, you have a cushion to back you up. After you know more information about home warranties, it can help you in buying or selling a home. To learn more, you may want to talk to your realtor, or even do a little research online about Phoenix home warranties.]]>