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By Platinum Team March 21, 2015

Spring Is Here — Let’s Grill

Now that weather is becoming warmer and evenings are so pleasant, many of us begin using our grills for preparing meals.  Now would be a great time to maintain your outdoor gas grills!

At least once a year you need to thoroughly clean your grill. First, start by disconnecting the gas and lift out the grill parts layer by layer. Once you get down to the burners, make sure you check for anything blocking the flow of gas. If the burner is clogged it will give you uneven heat and make for poor grilling. If you can clean it, do so, if not, then replace it. If your grill has lava rocks or ceramic briquettes you need to make sure that these are not heavily encrusted with cooked on foods. If so, replace them to avoid bad tasting smoky food that dirty rocks can produce.

With everything out of the grill, clean it completely with soapy water. If the paint is coming off, or if your grill is showing signs of rust then you need to apply paint. Grills require a special paint; check your owner’s manual or hardware store for the type of paint you need for your grill. Place all parts back into the grill and check the connections carefully, and then turn it on. Let the grill heat completely before you cook to make sure any left over soapy residue is burned completely off.

Now you are ready to enjoy beautiful evenings and perfectly grilled food! Bon Appetit!