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By Platinum Team March 15, 2021

Summer-Ready Home Maintenance Checklist

Summers can be fun, especially for those who live for warmer temperatures, pool-side hangouts, and exploring nature. But as winter ends and temperatures start to peak again, our homes are affected almost as much as we are! Properties need maintenance when the hotter months approach — it’s important to prepare your home in advance to avoid the hassle. Here are some things to keep in mind when summer solstice is around the corner. 

Check the Water

During most Arizona summers, pools get a lot of use! Though pools require year-round service, it’s a great idea to take a closer look at any unresolved repairs. Complete another check for excess debris, mold, and particles! Also, make sure that the drains are fully functional and the filtration equipment is running smoothly. These steps not only help preserve the entire system but they also save you from costly issues that could sneak up in upcoming months. 

Hot & Cold

One of the most critical features of your home to examine as summer approaches is your HVAC system! During peak season, most of us run our air conditioning around the clock. Not only does this rack up a hefty bill (yikes!) but it also puts a serious strain on your ventilation and air conditioning system. A worn unit has to work harder, which results in inefficient cooling. With Platinum Home Warranty, we have you covered on all maintenance and system updates. If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of HVAC servicing, we can help. Pre-season cooling checkups must be requested between March 1, 2021 and April 2021! Simply schedule through our service form and a technician will make sure you are prepared to make the switch from heat to A/C.


We don’t think about it as much as other home repairs and services, but thermostat maintenance is still essential when the seasons change. A faulty reading can lead you to run your house at the incorrect temperature. Similar to HVAC problems when ignored, you end up spending more money on your electricity bill. As temperatures rise, you will need to rely on an accurate reading more than ever. Platinum Home Warranty specializes in these and other system repairs. We offer a comprehensive thermostat check so you can rest assured that any issues will be resolved with ease!

If you’re ready to dive into summer without any stress — contact us to stay on top of weather-related repairs. We work with you to prepare your home for all seasonal changes! By getting ahead of the game, you not only increase the property value, but you get more enjoyment out of your hard-earned investment. When you need us: we’re here to help!