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By Platinum Team October 12, 2015

Transforming Monday

This post is part of our Life at Home series. Each month, we explore different thinking, techniques or tools related to the concept of a home and what it means to live well in ours. Today is another typical Monday. The list of to-dos for the week feels a little daunting. The number people who need your attention feels a bit overwhelming. And, the assignments from your boss won’t stop growing… as with the list of items needing cleaning around the house. Yes, today is another typical Monday. But, who says it can’t also be far more than that? The difference between a mundane Monday and a meaningful one often lies in our mindset. There are choices we make — seemingly ordinary ones — that determine whether each day feels significant or holds any importance. That number-crunching that needs to be done for your boss? You can decide to begrudgingly wade through each moment of it, or you can grab your headphones and work to some energizing and relaxing tunes. Sure, you didn’t save the world by doing so. But, your elevated mood lets you bring a more positive energy to those around you. And, when it gets to dinnertime, you can resign yourself to another predictable meal. Or, you can take the 10 extra minutes to try out the recipe for that homemade salsa you’ve been dying to test-drive. No, you didn’t transform into a celebrity chef overnight, but you did give your creativity muscles some needed TLC, which lets you bring a more innovative, vibrant spirit to all the other things you do. Transforming today. That notion might sound like too much to tackle… especially on a Monday. But, it likely won’t take so much effort as you first assume. Yes, some little doses of awareness and intentionality are helpful. But, your choices don’t have to be all that dramatic. And, your investment of time doesn’t have to be massive either. Just pick a small step. No need to bite off more than you can chew. Today is another typical Monday. So, what are you going to do to add just a bit of magic to your day and the day of those around you?      ]]>