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By Platinum Team July 20, 2015

Uptown Farmers Market

This post is part of our At Home In Metro Phoenix series. Each month, we explore local businesses, attractions, events and people that call our wonderful community home.

During the Valley’s intense summer months, one wouldn’t expect to find a bounty of fresh local eats. Perhaps a few items could be found here and there in an air conditioned cafe, but beyond that, there’s little likelihood of finding fresh, life-filled local produce and goods.

Or, so we thought.

A recent weekend outing proved our assumptions to be far too limited. Uptown Farmers Market, offers access to a wide array of vendors even in the middle of summer. Located at North Phoenix Baptist Church (SE corner of Central Ave and Bethany Home Road), the market runs from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday mornings.

It’s a hub of activity even in the middle of these intense summer months. During this toasty season, a large part of the market moves indoors. This means you can browse at a leisurely pace even when peak temperatures hit.

Vendors are lined up both indoors and outdoors with plenty of goods to offer – fresh produce, jarred condiments, seafood, baked goods, plants, jewelry… you name it. We made it home with multiple bags filled with fresh greens, tomatoes, beets, mushrooms, plums, dates… and the list goes on. Plus, one member of our crew simply couldn’t resist indulging in a waffle from one of the food trucks lined up outside.

If you’re looking to stock your kitchen with some local fare this summer, a stop at Uptown Farmers Market is worth your while. We recommend carving out some time on an upcoming Saturday morning to take a little trip over there.