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If you are a home owner or are thinking about buying a home, you might be considering purchasing a home warranty plan. When shopping around for home warranty coverage, you will probably have a lot of questions. Following are five questions that are commonly asked about coverage with home warranties.

What exactly is a home warranty plan? A home warranty is a plan that provides warranty coverage to many of your home appliances and systems. In the case that one of your appliances or home systems breaks down due to normal wear and tear, a home warranty plan will cover the repair or replacement of the appliance or system. Having a home warranty plan can ensure that you are not left with a huge repair or replacement bill.

What types of things does a home warranty plan cover? Home warranty coverage applies to many appliances and home systems. Some common appliances that are covered are refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and clothes washers and dryers. Some common home systems that are covered are electrical, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and water heaters. Home warranty companies have standard plans that you can purchase. If there is an appliance or system that you do not see on the plan that you would like to have covered, most companies will let you add the appliance or the system to a standard plan for an extra fee. Some companies will allow you to customize your plan to fit your particular needs.

How much does a home warranty plan cost? The cost of home warranty plans varies depending on the type of home warranty coverage you want. Many companies will give you on-line quotes. You can also call the company to inquire into the cost. Representatives of each company will be able to help you determine the plan that fits your needs and the cost of that plan.

What is the difference between homeowner’s insurance and a home warranty plan? Homeowner’s insurance covers the structures and furnishings of a home in the event that they are damaged due to a natural disaster. Home warranties will cover the cost of repairing or replacing a home appliance or system due to normal wear and tear.

Will it matter if my appliances and home systems are old? No. All that matters is that your appliances and systems are in good working order. For example, if you have an old furnace, it can be covered under your home warranty plan as long as it is working properly. After your home warranty coverage begins, home warranty companies require that you take care of and maintain any appliances and home systems that are protected by your plan in order to make sure the warranty is valid.

Shopping for a home warranty plan can seem overwhelming. If you are a first-time home buyer it can seem particularly daunting. But, with a little bit of research and some help from the representatives from home warranty companies, you will have all the information you need to purchase a plan that meets your needs. Now that you have the answers to the five common questions regarding home warranty coverage, you are well on your way to choosing the plan that is right for you.

Having a water heater that is in good working condition is an important part of any home. Even if you have a home owner warranty plan, you want to make sure that you take good care of your water heater. While your water heater is probably covered under your home warranty plan, most warranty plans only cover the normal wear and tear of appliances and systems in your home. That means that if you are not taking good care of your water heater, it may not be covered under your plan. Following are some tips for extending the life of your water heater so that if anything does go wrong, you know it will be covered under your home owner warranty.

The first tip is to complete your water heater’s regular maintenance. This is typically on a yearly basis and includes draining your water heater completely and flushing out any build-up. This build-up can lower the efficiency of your water heater, making it work harder to do its job. Your water heater will wear out faster if it has to compensate for build-up. You can drain and flush the water heater on your own or you can call a company that services water heaters to come out and do the yearly maintenance for you. The most important thing is that you get it done in order to make sure that your water heater’s life is extended and in the case the heater does break down, it will be covered under your warranty plan.

Another simple thing you can do to extend the life of your water heater and, thus have full coverage under your home owner warranty, is to check the pressure-relief valve each year and replace it if necessary. A pressure-relief valve that is broken can cause a lot of problems, and may even cause your water heater to explode. The pressure-relief valve is easy to check. It is located on the side or on the top of your water heater. To check it, merely open the valve. If water comes out, the valve is fine and it does not need to be replaced. (Make sure you have a bucket handy to catch any water that may be released.) If no water comes out of the valve, this is a sign that it needs to be replaced. You can replace it yourself or call a water heater service company to do the job.

One last tip to extend the life of your water heater is to replace your water heater’s anode rod at least every 4 years. When metal is exposed to water for a long period of time, rust inevitably forms. Since your water heater is metal and has water sitting in it and rushing through it all day, all year, it goes without saying that rust will form. This is where your water heater’s anode rod comes in. The anode rod attracts the rust that forms in your water heater, protecting the rest of the water heater from corrosion. Replacing this rod periodically will protect your water heater, extend its life, and ensure its coverage under your home owner warranty.

Doing regular maintenance, checking the pressure-relief valve, and replacing the anode rod every few years will do a lot to keep your water heater running in excellent condition. Then, in the case that your water heater does break down and needs to be repaired or replaced, you can be assured that your home owners warranty plan will cover the cost.

With the rise of gas prices, and the increasing size of utility bills today, families are always looking for ways to cut costs and save money. There are many ways to do it by living just a little more “green”, and many home appliances that can help you find ways to reduce those monthly bills. You don’t need to move to a smaller house, you just need to be thinking about saving money by doing a few smart things each day. First, whenever you are purchasing any appliances, be sure that they have an Energy Star rating. This includes all your home appliances, including the refrigerator, washer, dryer, furnaces, water heaters, and everything else. The Energy Star rating indicates that the appliance uses energy in an efficient way so you only have to use a fraction of the energy to power the appliance than you would with non-rated ones. Generally these appliances are priced competitively, especially when you consider the long-term savings you can achieve by using them. You will earn a lot of money back by not paying so much on your monthly bills. Another great appliance that helps you save money is the programmable thermostat. If you’re leaving the heat or air conditioning on all the time because you don’t want to have to come home to a cold or hot house, or you don’t want to wake up in the morning without the heat, you need a programmable thermostat. These home appliances can allow you to set the time that the heat or cold comes on so it’s not on when you’re away or asleep, then it kicks on just in time for you to come home. It can also keep the house at a constant temperature that you set in advance, so you know it won’t ever get too hot or too cold. Low flow showerheads may not seem like home appliances, but they are a simple way that you can save money. These showerheads will use less water than their high-flow counterparts, which can cut your monthly water bills significantly without wasting so much water. In addition to being wallet-friendly, it’s earth-friendly too. Your water heater is another place where you may be losing money. If it’s not insulated, the heat that it generates to keep the water warm could be lost in your cold basement or closet, and the water heater will have to continuously be heating the same water because it keeps losing the heat. These home appliances are critical to your money-saving green efforts. You can also do little things with your home appliance, such as washing in cold water instead of hot water, hand washing large pots and pans instead of packing them in the dishwasher, and putting as much as possible into each load of laundry or into the dishwasher whenever you are going to run it. You have dozens of home appliances around the house that can contribute to green efforts that will save energy and save you money, or without doing the right things, they could do the opposite and cost you a lot of money. Be green, and save money, with these tips.]]>

Homeowners that live in moderate climates may not realize the importance of house repairs as those who experience extreme temperatures. When a house is left exposed to the elements, it can experience a plethora of problems that could have easily been avoided. A house warranty will cover items that have been properly cared for and usually cover the issues of the manufacture or the issues of age. If your house is in an area that has extreme temperatures, hot or cold, or both, you know the importance of taking care of your house. A house warranty can be of great benefit when the problems start piling up due to the extreme temperatures. The structure of the house can be compromised when there is damage done to the outside of the house. In extreme heat, the foundation cracking can be one of the major problems that the homeowner will face. During the drought and heat months of summer, the homeowner can water their house. It may sound silly but regular watering of the foundation can prevent the cracking that occurs when the soil is dry. Dry soil causes the foundation materials to also dry out and crack. When the foundation of the house cracks, the entire house is compromised. If you are inside the house and begin to see cracks in the walls or doors won’t properly close, you may have a foundation issue. In areas of extreme cold, the problems are just as cumbersome and the house warranty is just as important. In cold weather, your house will be more difficult to keep warm. If the house isn’t warm, pipes can freeze and burst. Before the first freeze in your area, be sure to cover your outside faucets and keep them covered. This will help the pipes stay warmer and hopefully not crack. When a pipe cracks, the water comes out. You will notice a lack of water pressure and you may even notice the water pooling outside. If this water gets on an area such as a driveway or sidewalk and freezes, it can be dangerous to anyone coming on your property. You may not even realize how icy your property is until after someone has fallen. The pipes can break in the cold weather and fixing these frozen pipes can be very difficult for any repairman. They may not be able to get under the ground to fix the pipe because the ground is frozen. Just as with your health, your home needs preventative care. When something does break or need replacing, a house warranty can be a very useful policy to hold. One of the best things you can do for your home is try your best to prevent the problems from occurring the first place. When you are able to care for your property and keep it in top-notch condition, the house warranty is like an insurance policy. It will help you sleep at night to know the major appliances and systems of your home are covered but when they break, it will still cause a hassle. You can help yourself avoid that hassle by preventing the problems to the best of your ability.]]>

When the summer hits, you may cringe when you see your electric bill in the mail. Not only does it seem to get higher every year, it seems unusually high this year and you begin to wonder if the problem is in the cooling system itself. You get your answer when on the hottest day of the summer, it dies. You and your family end up sleeping a hotel while you wait on the repair man to show up and help you cool off your house. Don’t you wish you had chosen to buy a home warranty? The warranty for a cooling system is usually broad and will give you the ability to fix whatever problem comes up. This is not always the case when you buy a home warranty so be sure you read the one you have carefully. If you know your system is old or seems to be running too hard, you may want to double check your coverage before the system dies. You want your coverage to be comprehensive for the problem you need fixed. The added bonus you receive when you buy a home warranty is the network of repair people that are now at your disposal. The warranty will have a network they prefer and many of these service people are professional and can be available on a holiday. You will not pay more for their holiday time because the service call is the same price regardless of the time of day or the time of year. This is not usually the case when you call a non-warranty company to service your cooling system. They will charge more for after-hour calls and even for holiday calls. Since you don’t know when your system will go out, you will have to be prepared for any cost without a home warranty. When you buy a home warranty, you are not only protecting yourself from surprise repairs and exorbitant bills that wreak havoc on your budget, you are protecting your house. If the cooling system breaks in your house and you are unable to pay for a new one, your house will get abnormally hot and humid. Your cooling system provides an equalizer of sorts between the outside heat and humidity and the coolness in your house. It will keep the floors from warping and the paint from peeling. When your house is properly cooled, it will also protect the appliances, electrical outlets, and your own belongings inside the house. If you house gets too hot, things can start to melt, crack, and swell. When this happens, it is difficult to fix when the cooling system is finally fixed. A cooling system that is left too long without being used either for cooling purposes or heating purposes can begin to have other service problems that may have nothing to do with the original problem. Vents can become clogged and dirt can build up within the ducts. When you’ve had the cooling and heating system off for any period of time, turning it on can produce a lot of dust, bugs, and sometimes even critters that found their way into the house and didn’t need to leave when the system was turned on. Choosing to buy a home warranty can help you make necessary repairs in a timely manner.]]>

Owning a home is something many people dream of and once the big day arrives when they sign the final papers it’s a real cause for celebration.  However, many new home owners are surprised to discover just how difficult caring for a home can actually be.  There are many things that can go wrong and, if left unattended, those little problems will quickly turn into something big.  There are a number of ways that a home owner can prepare themselves for the eventual effects of wear and tear; preventative repair, home insurance, and regular maintenance are just a few of the ways that home owners choose to safeguard their property from the results of normal use.  Another excellent way to make certain that your house gets the care it needs is to purchase a Phoenix home warranty.  As you’ll see, this simple purchase can make all the difference.

One of the most important things a Phoenix home warranty will do is provide the assistance a home owner needs when it’s time to make wide-spread repairs in their homes.  Heat, electricity, plumbing, and ventilation systems will function reliably for many years, though eventually each of these vital systems in your home will start to work less effectively.  Unfortunately, repairing these systems can be especially expensive because of the large amount of work required.  Many components will need to be replaced and upgraded in order to ensure that each system performs correctly.  So long as the repairs and upgrades are necessary to correct problems due to normal system use, your Phoenix home warranty will be able to help cover it.

There are other things that a Phoenix home warranty can cover.  Major appliance repair can also be covered, which means that the cost of maintaining dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and ovens can be taken care of, provided you have purchased the appropriate warranty.  These major appliances are expensive to purchase and you want them to last for many years.  However, many people believe they are saving money by not purchasing a warranty that covers these and other large appliances; they figure it’s better to replace a worn out appliance years later than to spend a little money on a warranty now.  This way of thinking is understandable, though not necessarily accurate.  A warranty costs considerably less than a brand new appliance and you’re likely to pay a lot more for a replacement appliance in the future than you are spending on one now.  Further, there is never a convenient time to replace something as important to a household as a dishwasher or refrigerator.  Instead of creating a problem that you’ll have to take care of later on, simply purchase a warranty when you have the opportunity.

It’s clear that it’s better to purchase a Phoenix home warranty early on, before there’s a problem that’s expensive and inconvenient to address.  Trying to cover expensive home repairs and appliance replacements years down the road is a terrible inconvenience and you’ll be wishing that you had made a different choice when you had the opportunity.  You can do yourself a big favor by purchasing a home warranty at the time you move into your new home.  This helpful policy will allow you to address some of the most important repairs your home might ever need.

Your home is made comfortable and functional with the help of several important systems that work hard behind the scenes.  Every day, your plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical systems make it possible to enjoy living in your home.  As you probably know, these systems can be very expensive to repair if anything breaks or goes wrong.  Everyone needs a little help covering the cost of routine home expenses and your home warranty is one of the best ways to help yourself out.  In fact, HVAC warranty coverage in Arizona is one of the very best warranty policies you can choose for yourself.

There are a number of reasons why repairing your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems can be so expensive.  To begin with, each of these systems contain many parts and components.  Some of these parts can be replaced with little expense, but because each of these systems are very adaptive and versatile, many components are required to make them work correctly.  While replacing one or two elements might be relatively inexpensive, once it becomes necessary to replace several elements, the cost of repair begins to climb.
Another reason why HVAC warranty coverage in Arizona is so important is because it can help offset the cost of installing those parts.  Installation and maintenance of HVAC parts can be complicated because it can potentially involve the removal of large portions of wall, ceiling and floor.  While it can be unusual that such extensive work has to be done, because your heating and ventilation system stretches through your entire home, is sometimes necessary in order to get the job done correctly.  The extensive work that might be necessary to repair a particular problem can quickly become more expensive than even the parts themselves, so it is good to know that your HVAC warranty coverage in Arizona will help cover those costs, as well.

And finally, the reason why heating, ventilation, and air conditioning repairs can be so expensive is that only qualified specialists are certified to conduct these repairs.  The complex nature of these valuable systems require a lot of training and, in many cases, professional certification as well.  The certification, training, and experience a qualified technician brings to the job is valuable; this kind of work can’t be done by just anyone.  The cost of engaging the service of these specialists is reasonable, though you have to account for the length of time that they may be working on a particular task in your home.

Individually, the parts, service, and agent involved in repairing and servicing the heating and cooling systems in your home are not unreasonably expensive.  However, added together and compounded by additional factors such as water damage, it becomes obvious why having HVAC warranty coverage in Arizona is so important.

Simply put, having HVAC warranty coverage in Arizona is going to help your money go further.  Spending money wisely is an important part of maintaining your home in the long term, not only physically but financially as well.  Think of your home warranty as a way to safeguard your homes physical and financial well-being at the same time.  For just a low annual premium, you can save a lot of money on some of the most important repairs your home may ever need.

There are a lot of places that you can go when you need help around the house.  If you need some basic repair work done, then you can call a handyman service.  If any major appliances break down, then all you need to do is schedule a maintenance check with the dealer you purchased it from.  By the same token, if you need help purchasing a home warranty, then the first stop you need to make is at a Home warranty company in Scottsdale.  A home warranty company will be able to tell you all about the ways that you can protect the long term financial stability of your property by assisting you with the cost of home upkeep, repair, and maintenance.

A Home warranty company in Scottsdale can quickly become your best resource for financial advice regarding the many ways in which you’re able to save money on your house.  It’s no surprise that the cost of home upkeep is rising every year; it’s also no surprise that if you don’t take the time to fix small problems that you will end up having to fix big – and expensive – problems later one.  Either way you look at it, there is money to be saved but only if you make the right choices with regards to your home warranty and service plan.
While it’s obvious that having a home warranty is in your best interest, it isn’t always obvious to people why communicating with a Home warranty company in Scottsdale is so important.  Just as your home warranty policy is going to help your house, so your home warranty company is going to help you.  For example, you may want to have a little guidance when it comes time to file a claim.  A representative from your home warranty company will take the time to walk you through each step of the claims process and can help you speed the process along so that you won’t have to worry about any unpaid bills taking up space in your household budget.  The representative you speak with will also give you valuable information regarding the extent of the coverage offered by your policy.  You can talk to your representative about the cost of premiums and about any programs you can enroll in to help improve your premium.

Purchasing a home warranty is a big step, though an important one.  This is a form of home protection that is going to last as long as you own your home, so it’s important to make a wise decision now.  You can’t accomplish this if you aren’t informed and the only way you can become informed is to visit a Home warranty company in Scottsdale in person.  While a great deal can be covered on the phone, the very best way to meet and get to know your policy representative is to speak with them in person.  That way you don’t have to wait even a day to begin enjoying the protection provided by your home warranty policy.  Simply sign the papers there in the office and you’ll be all set.

Don’t put off making this important purchase.  Instead of delaying the purchase of a home warranty because you aren’t clear on what it does or how it works, simply visit a Home warranty company in Scottsdale.  A representative will be happy to answer all your questions.

When it comes time to move into the first home you own, there are a lot of important purchases that you’ll need to make.  Furniture, yard equipment, and kitchen appliances are just a few examples of the things you will need to start making your new home livable.  Once these items are purchased, many people think that they’re all set but there is still one important purchase that should be made – a home warranty.  Home warranties in Arizona can be easily purchased at very competitive rates and are available to all homeowners..  For a low annual premium, you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on the routine repairs that are required to keep your house in good working order.

A home’s water, sewage, lighting, and heating systems are very complicated.  They are also tucked away out of sight, so a special effort is required to access them during the repair process.  Due to the complex nature of these systems and the effort required to repair them, any service that has to be performed is likely to be very expensive.  This expense climbs even higher once you factor in any premium charge for weekend, evening, or holiday service.  Even in the most ideal circumstances, repairing a plumbing, electrical, or heating problem can be very inconvenient and costly.  Once you think about it, it’s obvious that it’s easier to invest in one of the excellent home warranties in Arizona early on rather than scrambling to pay for large-scale repairs later on.

Home warranties in Arizona also make paying for repair and maintenance services highly convenient.  All qualified service agencies have experience with communicating with warranty companies, so you don’t have to worry about any hitches that might complicate the payment process.  Home warranties in Arizona are common and many people have chosen to purchase one for their house because of the exceptional benefits that come to them as a result of these policies.  In fact, purchasing a home warranty is one of the first thing families do upon moving into a new house.

Because home warranties in Arizona are so common, you can talk to your friends and family members about their own experiences with these policies.  They’ll be happy to tell you about how the premiums work and about how to find the service agencies that perform repairs in your area.  Even better, they’re sure to have tips on how you can find the best prices on home warranties in Arizona.  Once you begin comparing prices, you’ll see that a home warranty is much more affordable than you might have expected.  Additionally, when you consider the money that you’ll be saving on even the most expensive repairs, it will become obvious that your household budget will ultimately have more money in it.  If you aren’t stuck making monthly payments on a new plumbing system or hot water heater, you’ll be able to put that money towards improving other parts of your home.

Your house is valuable and it’s in your best interest to take care of it.  Performing regular maintenance and promptly addressing repairs are two of the best ways to ensure that your house will provide comfort and security for decades to come.  Let your home warranty help you take care of your home the right way.

As every home owner knows, there are a lot of things that can go wrong in a house.  Sometimes it can seem like there is so much work to be done that it’s impossible to even get ahead and many home owners despair of keeping up with an ever-growing list of maintenance tasks.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the many items on your repair list, why not take a closer look at your home warranty service plan?  You might surprised to learn just how many of even the most common household repairs can be covered by a home warranty service plan in Arizona. Buying home warranty service plan in Arizona is one of the best consumer decisions you can make.  Many finance advisors who specialize in household economics will recommend that a family purchase a home service warranty upon buying a house.  This will ensure that they are never without recourse when it comes time to make important repairs.  Every home can develop unexpected problems as soon as new owners take up residence.  Even a house that has been well maintained over the years can develop spontaneous problems.  The reason that household finance experts recommend the purchase of a home warranty service plan in Arizona  early on in your occupation of your house is to avoid having to pay a more costly premium after a large problem has occurred.  In other words, the sooner you lock down a low premium on  your home warranty service plan, the more you’re likely to save over the life of the policy you’ve chosen. Household finance experts tell their clients about the many different home protection plans that are available on the market today.  Many of these protection plans have been made with new homeowners in mind; it’s great to know that there are service plans out there that address your unique needs, though it can sometimes be hard to tell which ones are actually worth the money.  That’s why advice from an expert can be helpful.  The agency you purchase your home warranty service plan from will tell you about all the ways your plan can help you.  They’ll be able to show you real examples of the ways in which they’ve helped countless homeowners just like you. There are many ways that you can save money over the years that you own your home.  Making good spending and saving choices can turn your house from a money pit into a serious financial asset.  In fact, one of the biggest secrets of successful homeowners is the careful choices they make with regards to home service.  Because the cost of service and repairs can add up fast, money smart homeowners make the choice early on to invest in a home warranty service plan in Arizona.  There’s no doubt that this is one investment that is sure to pay off. When you look at your home from an economic perspective, you may start to wonder if there is any way to turn it into the valuable financial asset you know it can be.  One of the best ways to do exactly this is to keep your home in good repair without going into debt at the same time.  Buying a solid home warranty service plan in Arizona is one of the best financial decisions you can make and it’s sure to have big returns.]]>