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FAQ: What Are Some Examples of Covered and Non-covered Items?

What is covered in a Platinum home warranty? And, what isn’t covered? We’re asked these questions often!

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Everything you need to know about buying a home warranty

This guide will help you know what to expect from any home warranty, determine if a home warranty is right for you and get the right coverage.

Conversations at Home: New Year Edition

How do you approach the transition into a New Year? Are you gungho about goals… or more skeptical about resolutions?

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Get cleaner dishes and fewer odors with these three easy actions…

Let me guess… you have a bit of a love-hate relationship with your dishwasher.

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When will it come in handy? A quick look at five common home warranty repairs

It’s a question that’s likely to pop up as you consider home warranties. When will a home warranty come in handy?

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Conversations at Home: Thanksgiving Edition

When Thanksgiving rolls around, what do you crave? Turkey and stuffing? A massive pile of mashed potatoes and gravy? Perfectly spiced pumpkin pie?

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Meet Platinum: Marissa Guy

I was born and raised in New York and have happily called Scottsdale my home since 1984. Though I treasured seeing the NYC skyline everyday (had a view of the Empire State Building from my bedroom window when growing up), I have come to fall in love with the mountain views that now surround me.

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Fixing a slow drain: Why chemical drain cleaners aren’t the answer… and what to do instead!

At some point, every homeowner ends up there – staring down a slow draining shower or sink with much frustration – scrambling for the best way to clear the stoppage.

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