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All About Our HVAC Checkups

To help you maintain your heating and cooling system, we offer seasonal checkups twice a year. These checkups help ensure your system is up to par and functioning effectively.

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Everything you need to know about buying a home warranty

This guide will help you know what to expect from any home warranty, determine if a home warranty is right for you and get the right coverage.

Fall Heating System Checkups: Don’t Get Caught in the Cold!

Your heating and cooling system runs in the background, quietly humming along each day to keep your home comfortable year-round. […]

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FAQ: How Should I Care for my Stovetop?

Appliance care might not be a top of mind concern for most people, but it should be! Good news though: […]

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FAQ: What is Platinum Concierge, And How Can It Help Me?

Unexpected home repairs can cause serious headaches. It’s hard enough to find vendors you can trust when you’ve got time […]

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What Does a Home Warranty Not Cover?

Home warranties help make homeownership easy by covering basic wear and tear for standard appliances and systems inside your home. […]

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FAQ: After Monsoon Pool Care

Question: Is there anything special I need to do following a storm for pool clean-up? Answer: Proper maintenance is critical […]

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What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

At Platinum Home Warranty, we want to help you be a happier homeowner — as owning a home is complicated […]

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